About us

Welcome to Timeline Center. We are a war game and events venue located in Benoni. Our company is established in 2015 as a airsoft wargame field offering a CQB style venue for players in the east rand to enjoy a good game of airsoft. We built our venue from scratch starting with only a few wendy houses and obstacles to a full scale CQB environment as you see now. We now also have a laser tag division to cater for the needs of the younger kids as airsoft might be too painful for them, and a brand new events and conference venue suitable for the staging of any kind event ranging from but not limited to all types of party, business conference and meets, social group gathering and weddings.

Our Services

Laser Tag Party

We offer laser tag party to all age groups. Laser tag is a safer shooting sports as we will be shooting infrared lasers and not physical projectiles eliminating possible injuries. We supply the laser tag equipment for the party. We offer many game modes such as team death match, capture the flag, zombie apocalypse, king of the hill and many more!

Airsoft Party

Airsoft party is restricted to people over 14 years old. Airsoft is a shooting sport based on honor and honesty where players shoots plastic balls at each other. There is no paint involved so it is not messy. In this sport, eye protection is essential as we will be shooting physical projectiles. It is an adrenaline filled sport with lots of action. We offer the same game modes in airsoft as in laser tag.

Airsoft Open Game

Join us at our airsoft open game for the ultimate close quarter tactical battle experience! We host our open games on a regular base on Sundays at our close quarter battle field. Equipment hire is available on the day. Everyone is welcome to join our open game.

Check our event calendar dates and more detail!


Our Close Quarter Battle (CQB) war game field.

Our CQB wargame field is a 8000 square meter urban environment built with concrete block. Our CQB wargame field features many small building structures closely placed and each with door and window openings. Our CQB facility is available for booking for airsoft and laser tag parties.

Safe Zone(Rest Area)

We have a large under carport Safe Zone equipped with a lot of tables and chairs for the people participating in the shooting activities. This area is designed for participants to gear up, gear down and to rest. As well as for you to setup and decorate your birthday party, bachlor party or even corporate team building.

Safety rules must be followed in this area.