Airsoft Party

Airsoft party is restricted to people over 14 years old. Airsoft is a shooting sport based on honor and honesty where players shoots plastic balls at each other. There is no paint involved so it is not messy. In this sport, eye protection is essential as we will be shooting physical projectiles. It is an adrenaline filled sport with lots of action. We offer the same game modes in airsoft as in laser tag. For details, booking and terms and conditions please see the airsoft section.
We now have two field allowing us to run two separate party at the same time. Each field it is approx. of 4000 square meter.

How it work

Book your party

Submit a booking request on our website. Please do check our calendar to ensure that the venue is available.

Pay the deposit

Once we have received your request, we will send you an e-mail confirming that the date is available. Once you receive that e-mail, you may proceed to make payment of the deposit. The booking will be confirmed once we have received the deposit.

Setting up your party

You may arrive 30min before your event starts to do all the decoration and setup you require. Please ensure that your event ends on time.

Booking & informations

Safe Zone

We have a large under carport Safe Zone equipped with tables and chairs for you to setup your party.
All party hoster are welcome to bring their own foods, snacks & drinks.

This area is also designed for participants to gear up, gear down and to rest. As well as for you to setup and decorate your birthday party, bachlor party or even corporate team building.

Safety rules must be followed in this area.

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