Entrance Fee: R120

Gun Rental Fee: R250

Please note from now on our open game time table will be as below.

Open Game time table

09:20 Chrono Start
10:10 Chrono end and start briefing
10:30 Game start (Game may be start early, depend on the day)
13:00 Lunch break (30 Min)

Due to the long process of chronoing and to speed up the progress, all players are require to setup they weapon ready and be ready for chronoing. Please note will all weapons will be chrono using our 0.2G bb, please do not fill up your magazine. We will supply the bb.

Please note that after 10:10 we will stop chronoing, all players who need still need to chrono after 10:10 will need to wait for the first game to end.

When briefing we require player to pay attention to avoid delay the time.

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