Open Game Game Rule

  1. No real fire arm, knives or other dangerous weapons are allowed at the venue. Please treat all airsoft real firearms.
  1. Airsoft is a sport. All players are required to show good sportsmanship. We need to maintain a positive atmosphere at every game. Follow the rules, call you hits and respect other players.
  1. No fighting, screaming and offensive language is allowed.
  1. Before entering the safe zone and when not playing, remove the magazine, clear the barrel and set all airsoft to safety mode. Do not fire your airsoft or pull trigger in the safety zone & parking area.
  1. Carry your airsoft gun pointing downward when you are not in a game.
  1. Goggles must be worn at all times in the field Taking off the goggle during the game is prohibited.
  1. No physical contacts what so ever is allow.
  1. No automatic firing mode is allowed. Bursts of three is allowed.
    Only LMG can fire on full auto mode.(Only gun models classified as LMG in real firearms is allow)
  1. Sniper guns may not fire auto or bursts firing modes and may only engage at a distance of 20m or more.
  1. If during a game, you spot a non player and or player who does not have the required safety equipment, call blind man, stop the game immediately and notify the marshal to clear the
  1. Be aware of your surroundings and play with care as there may be hazards in the surrounding.
  1. No blind firing is allowed. Eg. Firing around a corner without looking, firing backward without looking and holding your gun with the sight above your eye  As a general rule, when you are firing, you must have part of your body exposed.
  1. Avoid headshots when you can. You can take the shot if that is your only option but try to avoid it.
  1. Rifle is not allow to shoot within 5 meter. Use bang kill.Bang kill:
    you must be within 5 meters of your target and point your gun at the target then call a loud bang. There are two scenarios. If the target’s back is facing you and you call bang, the target is hit. If the target is facing your direction and both call    bang, both you and the target are hit.
  1. Pistol (single shot only) is not restricted by the 5 meter rule. You can still use bang kill.
    (Submachine gun, shotgun are not pistol.)
  1. Friendly fire count as a hit as well as hit on the weapon.
  1. When you are hit, you must call hit and rise you hand rag above shoulder height so everyone can see that you are hit. If you do not call hit loud enough and hold you hand above shoulder height, you will get shot again and dead men don’t speak.(  includes using a radio)
  1. Judge when you are hit with all your sense. You will be able to feel the hit, hear the hit knocking on you or see the hit.
  1. No climbing of trees is allowed and no moving any obstacle is allowed.
  2. Violation of any of the above rules will result in disciplinary action of various levels.
  1. Player that is dead must return to safe zone.(depend on the game type) This is to ensure smooth game flow.